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Monday Senior League Results
Monday Senior League Rules

Price: $34 entry fee includes 18 holes of golf, a cart, and dinner or a $5 lunch credit
Prize Pools: $5 prize pools and optional $5 birdie pool

Who Can Play: Anyone Aged 55 and over
Registration Fees: None
Commitment: You only need to come when it is convenient for you

League Dates: April 1 - Columbus Day
Day and Time: Non-holiday Mondays, Any Time
   (Space permitting, tee times recommended)
Format: From the middle tees, Individual Quota based on your handicap. 4 pts for a birdie, 2 pts for a par, 1 pt for a bogey, and double bogeys and higher are 0 pts. After your quota is established, it will be adjusted on a weekly basis. See the Monday Senior League Rules for a more detailed breakdown.

If you are participating in the prize pools you need to play with another league member. The best time to come if you need a playing partner for this league is around 9 AM or 3 PM. That is usually when most players are heading out and you have the best chance of hooking on with someone.