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League Notes

How Handicaps Are Determined - In order to make sure that the same people don't win low net week after week, our league handicaps are calculated differently from regular handicaps. The number you see on the sheet is for 9 holes, so it should be about half of your regular handicap. If you score above your handicap it goes up by one stroke for the next week. If you score below, it goes down by half the strokes you finished below it. For example, if you finish at 6 under your handicap, your handicap will go down by 3 strokes.

Playing the Back Nine - we will do our best to get players out on the back nine, however sometimes there is no availability there. If there are players on the front who are playing 18 holes, it makes it difficult to get out on the back because we shouldn't interupt their round in the middle. Your only hope is that the front nine is not that busy, or someone is playing 9 holes and you can take their spot when then finish the 9th hole. If neither of these things are happening we can't send people off the back because it puts the front nine into grid lock. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are doing our best to keep the flow of golfers moving.

The Women's League will start on May 2.

The information contained on this page is informational only. There is the slight possibility, despite the unbelievable care that goes into the upkeep of this website that there may be errors from time to time in posting league results. Therefore, information posted here is not binding, i.e. if there is a mistake on this page in your favor, you are not going to get paid for it. Thank you for your understanding. We are doing our best.