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The purpose of weekend golf tournaments at Southers Marsh is to include as many golfers as possible in a fun environment. Please consult the schedule and format pages for more information. Shotgun starts will normally be Saturday mornings at 8 AM. Please register by the Thursday prior to the event.

Tournament Rules

The following rules have been adopted in an effort to insure the enjoyment of those who participate.

Tees: Black Tees: Men
   Blue Tees: Senior Men (65 and over with at least a 15 handicap)
   Yellow Tees: Women
   Green Tees: Senior Women (65 and over with at least a 15 handicap)

Handicaps: Official USGA handicaps are preferred. If a player does not have a handicap, a Southers Marsh League quota or handicap will suffice. For those players without quotas or handicap cards, they will play with a handicap of 5 strokes less than their best guess of their handicaps. After their first week of participation, their handicaps will be adjusted as seen fit, with a three tournament probationary period where their scores may be adjusted after their rounds. Any league play during that time will also count towards the three tournaments. We highly recommend at least associate memberships for regular participants. With weekly tournament savings, it will pay for itself.

Keeping Score: Please carefully write each player's first and last name on the scorecard, total your scores, and circle birdies. Please keep all scores for your group on the same scorecard.

Rules of Play

All putts must be holed. No gimmes.

New Rule - Preferred Lies are not allowed, except if your ball has landed in an unraked footprint (animal included) in the bunker.

Balls hit into the bogs: All bogs shall be played as lateral hazards. Players may choose from the following:
1. Play your next shot from the designated drop area - 1 stroke penalty. For Southers Marsh Tournaments, there are only drop areas on holes 1, 3, and 17. Please drop at the gold tees on those holes, not where the drop area signs are.
2. Take your stance at the ball's point of entry into the hazard and drop within 1 club length - 1 stroke penalty
3. Replay from the tee - 1 stroke penalty
NOTE: Incurring a "one stroke penalty" explained - For example, your tee shot goes into the bog. You now will be hitting your third shot after you have taken relief. (One shot into the bog, one penalty shot to get out of the bog, hitting your third shot from one of the 3 relief options above.)

Cart paths: You may take relief if your ball or your stance is on a path. You must drop at your nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. If your nearest point of relief is in the woods, you may play the ball from the path or take relief in the woods. If your nearest point is in a bog, you may move to the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.

Maximum Strokes per Hole: In interest of keeping play moving, there is a maximum score of quadruple bogey on any given hole for all tournaments other than the Club Championship. Because handicaps are calculated using Equitable Stroke Control, this should not give anyone an unreasonable advantage compared to the detriment of having long rounds of golf.

Pace of Play: Rounds are expected to take 3 1/2 hours to complete. There is a time limit of 2 hours for each nine. If players fall behind this pace with at least one hole completely open in front of them, they will be asked to please pick up the pace.